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Mom A Night in Vegas March 13, 2016

The following article was written by Stephen when he was 19 years old. It was published in the Drugs Anonymous monthly newspaper, and he was so proud.
 Here it is.

Drugs Anonymous is very special to me. Since I've been sober, I've been coming to meetings every day and  I have met some wonderful people. Many have helped me more than I can tell you. I got clean in D.A, and I consider it my fellowship,and  my home.

Two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas with my mother who was attending a business meeting. My purpose for being there was unknown to me at the time-- I didn't want to go and certainly did not go there to gamble. Since this was my first time traveling since I've been sober, I was very scared. There were no D.A meetings out there, but I found out about one N.A. meeting for the three days I would be there, and planned on attending.

I was rather nervous on the flight and remember thinking; "man was not meant to fly." I had brought along my Big Book and 24 hour book and was putting them away as we landed. Just then, a man sitting next to me asked me if I was a friend of Bill Wilson? Yes, I said and he answered. Keep coming back it  gets better." And proceeded to tell me of a place in Vegas called the Turning Point which had AA meetings, 24 hours a day every two hours. I no longer felt lost.

I got to the hotel, checked in had dinner and went to a meeting. The people there were friendly as it was a small group where everyone knew everyone else. They  knew what they had for lunch and right away, I was recognized as a stranger. I received a very warm welcome and by the end of the first meeting I felt at peace. I stayed for another meeting and then went back to the hotel. It was 2 AM.
By the second day I made up my mind to play pool, eat well and go to a meeting. Nothing more, which is what I did and still had no idea why I decided to come to Vegas, but I soon found out the purpose of my being there and now I know it was my HP's will.

The third night I was there, I had attended three meetings and after talking with a few people was ready to go back to the hotel. It was 1 AM when a great guy named Juan asked me if I would like to hear his experience and how it is now. As we were talking a man named Garrison whom I got to know  very closely in the next 6 1/2 hours sat down with us. It was his first meeting ever. He didn't know anything about the program or any of the buzzwords.  He was  coming off a 20 year drunk and had decided to stop drinking but had never tried before and didn't want to have to drink two bottles of Jack Daniels in order to stop shaking and two bottles at night, in order to go to sleep. or the 30 or 40 beers which he drank on the job. Garrison was in okay shape,at first, but he was quickly coming down and starting to shake more and more. He was full of  questions about the program, which Juan and I answered as best we could, at 2:30 AM. Garrison said I have a drinking problem, and I've got to stop. I'm going to do it. I won't go to 7-Eleven tomorrow am just going to stay in bed until the shaking stops.". I saw the shape that he was in and was afraid he was going to have D.T's and convulsions. So I suggested he go to detox.  I explained that "You
have you have a disease and  that he needed medical care." At this point he was getting afraid and announced that  everyone made him nervous. "Except this young fellow," meaning ME I wanted to tell him I did not know if I could do it as I was only sober a short time myself. I was unsure. I went into the bathroom and prayed.  I  asked  my Higher Power to speak throufg ms. When I returned Garrison was very confused I answered his questions as best I could and I was learning myself in the  process. At 4:30 AM Garrison said. I am an alcoholic. I got to stop this  His  wife was sitting with us and she started to cry.
He had begun, was taking the first Step  It has ruined my life he said.

He wanted to know if they would feed him  in detox. How long he would be there, would he  be locked up  would be able to go to sleep in a bed. He asked these same quesitosn over and over  and I would  answer those questions again and again no matter how many times he asked, no matter what.  At 5 AM, very scared a little unsure Garrison said. I think I'm going to do this. I'm going to go to detox. I almost cried. We drove to detox Center in downtown Las Vegas, where he was admitted. I gave him my phone number and two packs of  cigarettes and told him he was not alone as there was a loving God who would take care of him. He hugged me and said goodbye .
I cried inside,it felt so good.Never ever in my life have I felt so happy, joyful and content as I did that early morning when we drove away from the detox center, knowing I had played a part in saving a person from his misery, maybe even death

I'll never forget Garrison the way he looked, the  questions he asked the pain  he was in which he somehow  seemed to know would soon be lifted from him. I'll never forget the sheer joy. wonderful feeling that I can carry the message of this program, and being a tool of God's word I hope I will have many more chances to do 12 step work in the future, by Stephen King's

What Might have Been
I saw this Poem when you were small
Stored it deep in my heart
Today I feel the pain of it All
Because we had to part.
You were flying High and Free
The wind was at your back
Your smile filled all with glee
Nothing did you lack
The gifts of life filled your soul
You treasured each new goal
What Might Have Been held no place
What you had, was received with grace
One day a dark cloud did appear
Filling My heart with Fear
You smiled your smile
with your confident style
And chased away my tear
But the storm clouds grew dark
overshadowing you with their mark
How hard you did fight
To shed this blight
Until an angel Came in the night
To Carry you gently to the light
I look down the years
And have to smile thru my tears
At the sweet memories of you
I thank God thru my fear
for the wonder of you
and for all the joy that WAS
Betty King
Dan BI
Betty King

My Precious son, Stephen was the light of my life for 41 years.  I have been unable to recapture in words for this site,  the love and sense wholeness I felt being His MOM and loving him for all those years. 


Stephen had an inspiring love for all living creatures and for life itself. I miss his gentle thoughtful ways.


His car "Little Victores" was his most prized accomplishments and greatest treasure.  It took 10 years from the beginning of the work to transform  the car from a regular street car to a racing machine that was to win many prizes at a professional track.  Many time he would joke and say he was renaming the car to "Big  MIstake" instead of "Little Victories "but with the determination only he could draw on he never gave up and succeeded when everyone thought he would fail.


I love you Stephen and miss you so very much. 

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